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“Behandishi & Fanararie Farda” company (BAFCO) has provided engineering and procurement services for different industrial projects since 2002, and in 2016 the company decided to concentrate its knowledge-based activities on electrical section of industrial projects, and continued its activity in a sepearate company “Farzan Fanandish Farda”.At the beginning, “Farzan Fanandish Farda” Company was based in Amir Kabir University Development Center , to be able to keep continuous relations with universities and take advantage of university professors and graduates’ knowledge . The aim was to maintain effective link between technology and industry, and using university professors and graduates’` knowledge and expertise for technical support of Farzan services and products. Company field of activity is providing complete and integrated electrical services for industrial projects and encompasses all engineering services, design and manufacturing products, installation and commissioning of equipment and operation of industrial plants. “Farzan Fanandish Farda” company has up to now had the opportunity to contribute in many industrial and mineral and Iron Ore Concentrate Plant projects, in particular has had a very active and significant presence in first section of Mega project “Pipeline for transfer of Persian Gulf water for industries located in south-east of Iran”. Currently, Farzan Company is engaged in large scale projects in other industries including Steel, refinery and petrochemical plants.


Farzan mission statement

“Farzan Fanandish Farda” company is a developing, instructive and value-based organization and presents integrated services and products in electrical field (power, electronics, control and instrumentation) at national and international level.We, as a knowledge-based company, provide our customers’ growing needs with integrated solutions and up to date products at international standards by continuous innovation and improvement. With our dedicated services and technological products, we guarantee excellent quality of services and satisfaction for our customers. We emphasize on balance in interests of all engaged parties, and based on our core values, ensure customers’ satisfaction by our strict organizational values and considering fair profit . By establishing a dynamic environment and entrepreneurship platform , Farzan Company has proved to consider its human capital resources as major basis for development and as its most important strategic asset and partner. Farzan Company is always keen on respecting personnel rights and interests, the flourishing of their talents and strengthening of mutual trust between the company and employees. Taking advantage of the effective service compensation system, Farzan Company strives to respect and satisfy the employees. “Farzan Fananadish Farda” Company has built a network of suppliers, and considers them as partners in its success and achievements. Farzan Company assists them to develop and considers honesty and fair cooperation with them.“Farzan Fananadish Farda” Company is an arena of hope for prosperity ,committed to environment protection and a strong and reliable partner and collaborator for customers.


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Our main capital and strategic partner is our human resources.Consequently, we are proud of cooperation with committed graduates having academic degrees in our management and technical teams.


Farzan consultants

Consultants for Engineering, Projects , Human resourses, Legal and insurance affairs : 12 person